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immunity water

Discover the rare antioxidant-rich superfood prized for its anti-aging, calming and immunity-boosting nutrients.

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100% Natural. Wild-harvested. Handpicked.

Tibet, Qinghai, Tibetan-Qinghai Plateau, Black goji berry, wolfberry, lyium

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What the doctors and scientists are saying:

[black goji] is a traditional medicinal food of Tibetans and used to alleviate fatigue caused by oxygen deficiency for thousands of years. 

Journal of Ethnopharmacology, 2013, Vol. 150, p.529–535

The fruits contain an immunologically active pectin which improves immune function against chronic diseases.

Journal of Clinical & Experimental Medicine, 2015, Vol.8(11), p.20631

[black goji] is an ethnic medicine, nutraceutical food, and important for restoration of desert ecosystems.

Food Chemistry Journal, 2017, Vol. 240, p. 759-766

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